Investigations and Sanctions

The new Residential Tenancies (Amendment) Act 2019 establishes an investigations and sanctions process that will allow the RTB to proactively monitor and enforce key areas of the legislation

Investigations & Sanctions

The RTB has a new investigations and sanctions unit dedicated to investigating potential breaches of rental law by a landlord in relation to:

  1. Failing to comply with the RPZ requirements including attempting to increase the rent above 4% in an RPZ and seeking to falsely rely on the exemptions to the RPZ. For example, rent increase above the 4% limit where no substantial change to the nature of the dwelling has occured.
  2. Failing to register the tenancy and/or notify the RTB where the amount of rent has changed.
  3. Failing to offer a tenant their tenancy back where it has been terminated for certain specific grounds which are no longer relevant and the tenant has provided their contact details to the landlord, for example - property was not sold, family no longer or never were in occupation.
  4. Providing false or misleading reasons for terminating a tenancy. For example, stating the reason for termination as the landlord requiring the property for family occupation.

Investigations & Sanctions Unit

The introduction of the new powers of investigation and sanctions, give the RTB a more active and direct regulatory role in the rental sector and will allow the RTB to support landlords in complying with the legislation.

The RTB can conduct investigations in to potential breaches of law by Landlords with or without a formal complaint. The landlord will be afforded the opportunity to acknowledge their breach and bring the investigation to an end at an early stage. Where it is found breaches have occurred, the RTB can apply a caution or a sanction on a landlord of up to a maximum fine of €15,000 and costs of €15,000.

Proactive Investigations

The RTB can also initiate investigations of potential breaches of rental law. We will use our registration data and information from referrals made to us to commence investigations. If you have information you wish you share with us about potential breaches by landlords of rental law contact us on our dedicated Investigations and Sanctions Information Helpline – 0818 776297 or 01 6753724.

How do I report potential breaches of rental law?

The RTB have in place a dedicated Investigations and Sanctions Information Helpline where you can speak to us and raise your concerns about potential breaches of the rental law. The RTB team can assist you during the call and will explain the process.

A formal complaint can also be made in writing by filling out and returning the RTB Sanctions and Alleged Breach Complaint form. If you require further information or wish to contact us before submitting your formal complaint, please phone our Investigations and Sanctions Information Helpline – 0818 776297 or 01 6753724.