Requirements for a valid rent review notice outside an RPZ

A notice of a rent review is served in a slightly different format to one in an RPZ.

What should a rent review notice contain?

For a landlord with a tenancy outside a Rent Pressure Zone, the rent can only be reviewed once every two years. This review must be done in line with the current market rent.

If  a landlord intends to review the rent, they must inform the tenant in writing a minimum of 90 days before the new revised rent starts. For the rent review notice to be valid it must state:

  1. The new rent on the property,
  2. When the new rent starts,
  3. That any dispute must be referred to the RTB within 28 days of getting the notice or before the date the new rent starts, and
  4. That, in the opinion of the landlord, the new rent is not greater than the market rent of properties of a similar size, type and character with similar terms of the tenancy in a comparable area,
  5. The rent for three properties of a similar size, type and character and in a comparable area,
  6. The date on which the notice is signed.
  7. The notice must be signed by the landlord or their authorised agent.

Click here for sample notice of rent review.