What are Rent Pressure Zones (RPZ)?

A Rent Pressure Zone (RPZ) is a designated electoral area where rents can only be increased by up to 4% annually. Certain rules must be followed for rent reviews in RPZs

What are Rent Pressure Zones?

Rent Pressure Zones are designated Local Electoral Areas where rents can only rise by up to 4% per annum, and the rent can be no more than market rent. This designation is in place for a maximum of three years and applies when rents are set at the start of a tenancy, both new and further part 4 tenancies, and when rents are reviewed during an ongoing existing tenancy. 

What criteria must an area meet to be designated as a Rent Pressure Zone?

For an area to be designated a Rent Pressure Zone, rents in the area must be at a high level and they must be rising quickly.  

  • The annual rate of rent inflation in the area must have been 7% or more in four of the last six quarters; and
  • The average rent for tenancies registered with the RTB in the previous quarter must be above the average national rent in the quarter (find the National Standard Rent in the RTB Rent Index Report).