Rent arrears

A tenant is obliged to pay their rent in full and on time until the tenancy ends even where a dispute has arisen with the landlord.

It is important that at all times rent is paid and where it is not, it is a breach of the tenancy agreement. The landlord must write to the tenant stating how much rent is due, give the tenant reasonable time to pay it, and outline what will happen if they don’t pay. it is recommended that a minimum of 14 days is given to remedy the breach. If the tenant fails to pay the rent due in the time given, a notice of termination can be served giving 28 days notice .

Where a dispute has arisen between a tenant and landlord and it has failed to be resolved, a dispute can be referred to the RTB. If a tenant has withheld payment of rent in this instance, they should recommence paying rent and wait for the dispute to be heard. 

If the tenant is in receipt of Rent Supplement and is not paying rent then the Community Welfare Service for the area should be contacted to have the supplement suspended until the case is heard