BetterLet: RTB Accredited Landlord

The RTB invites you to become a Betterlet: Accredited Landlord

The free training is designed to:

  1. Make you aware of your rights and responsibilities as a landlord and the responsibilities of your tenants.
  2. Help you fulfil them.

What will I learn?

The free training session takes place over one day and the content includes:

  • Pre-tenancy guidance
  • How to manage a tenancy throughout from beginning to end
  • Rights and responsibilities – landlord and tenant
  • Dispute prevention and what to do if things go wrong
  • Minimum standards – how to ensure your property is compliant with the minimum standards
  • How to end a tenancy – information on how to correctly serve notice and what reasons can be relied upon

Why should I attend?

The RTB recognises the invaluable role landlords have in providing homes but also that the legal framework governing the rental sector is complex and continually changing. It can be difficult to manage tenancies and keep up to date with the policy and legislative changes in the sector.

Betterlet: RTB Accredited Landlords will be able to set themselves apart in the rental sector and be recognised as professionals providing a quality service while also being con dent in how to apply and adhere to the regulatory framework under which they operate their business. 

The RTB are organising three upcoming sessions:

  • Saturday, 23rd November in the Kilkenny River Court Hotel from 10am-5pm

  • Saturday, 30th November in the Clayton Hotel Dublin Airport from 10am-5pm in partnership with Fingal County Council

  • Saturday, 7th December at the Red Cow Moran Hotel from 10am-5pm

If you would like more information, or if you would like to attend one of these upcoming Betterlet training sessions, please contact us at

Top Up Sessions

Betterlet: RTB Accredited Landlords attended a 'Top up' session on 12th November 2019 at the Ashling Hotel. This session gave Accredited Landlords an overview of the recent legislative changes that were introduced this summer. If you are interested in attending a future Top up session and you have already been Accredited, please email