Setting rent outside Rent Pressure Zones

How are rents set in an area outside a Rent Pressure Zone?

Check if a property is in a Rent Pressure Zone

Click here to check if a property is in a Rent Pressure Zone. In areas outside of a Rent Pressure Zone a landlord cannot set a rent that is in excess of market rent.

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Comparable market rents

Rent cannot be set above the local market rents for similar properties in the area and three comparable examples for similar properties in the locality must be presented to demonstrate this. The landlord must include the rent amount for three comparable dwellings of a similar size, type and character and situated in a comparable area to establish market rent.

Evidence of the rent charged for comparable properties can be in the form of advertisements for such properties published within the previous four weeks. If a tenant considers that they are being asked to pay more than the market rent, they can seek clarification from the landlord or take a dispute case to the RTB within 28 days of receipt of receiving notice of the rent.

Rent review outside an RPZ

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Approved Housing Bodies

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